A Day Without Shoes at Aspen Academy

What would it feel like to not own a pair of shoes to put on every morning before leaving for school? On Aspen Academy’s annual “Day Without Shoes”, our students have the opportunity to find out. We take off our shoes upon arrival at school and keep shoes and socks off until dismissal. By not wearing our shoes, we spark curiosity which leads to conversation which leads to action which leads to change. Aspen Academy students bring attention to the fact that many people throughout the world do not have shoes by drawing attention to the need and by donating a gently used pair of shoes to help.

Our students also learn how shoes play an important role in health, education and building self esteem. Shoes help protect feet from cuts, diseases, and soil-based infections like hookworm that affects 740 million people worldwide. Children who wear school uniforms with shoes increase their attendance by up to 62%. Self esteem is enhanced when our basic needs are met and our confidence is increased.

Each Aspen Academy student participates in an outdoor “shoeless” activity on our Day Without Shoes. In addition, our students participate in various activities in our gymnasium without their shoes to gain an increased understanding of how life varies for different people throughout the world.

Our students report a much different perspective on what life can be like for those without shoes as well as the importance of sharing what we have with those who are in need at the end of their “Day Without Shoes.”

Aspen Academy is an independent school for Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. We are built on a strong foundation where academic rigor, character, leadership, and entrepreneurial development and community strength and service are the foundation.

Does your school do something similar?

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