Seniors choose local nonprofits for Capstone Projects

The Capstone Program at Besant Hill School aims to encourage seniors to take their education outside of the classroom by crafting individual projects where they may explore their interests. The actual Capstone experience takes place over the course of the last three weeks of the academic year.

Capstone projects vary greatly, from interning in real estate in Los Angeles to working on organic farms, including one in Costa Rica. Many seniors chose to work with local nonprofit organizations, including Help of Ojai, The Ojai Land Conservancy, and Food for Thought Ojai.

Senior Moussa Sy of Mali chose local nonprofit Food for Thought Ojai for his Capstone Project, working with children in several elementary school garden classes and garden clubs. Working in the garden is a natural fit, as all Besant Hill School students have many opportunities throughout the year to work in their school garden where they create soil by composting kitchen waste; plant and harvest fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for the kitchen; and in the classroom, they learn the science behind sustainable agriculture.

Besant Hill School and Food for Thought Ojai have collaborated over the last few years on a fundraising Farm-to-Table event. This event takes place in October and is open to the public.

Does your school do something similar?

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