Science and Social Justice: A Perfect Combination at Marymount

Marymount’s mission is to educate young women who are prepared to challenge, shape, and change the world. Two recent interdisciplinary projects that connected science with social justice highlight our mission in action at the School.

Students in the senior elective, Atmospheric Science, wrote and published a multi-touch book entitled Sandy Stories to share the experiences of members our school community who were directly or indirectly affected by Superstorm Sandy. The book is now for sale on the iBookstore and the students have set a goal of raising $10,000 for ongoing Sandy relief.

Students in Honors Physics were given a challenge: “The Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group has tasked you with this challenge: Design and construct science-based/force-based solution to a local, regional ,or global social justice issue.” Using the engineering design process, teams of student designers developed unique products such as AquafyKenya, a standardized chlorination system for water pipes in Kenya, and the Urban Park Ramp, a moveable ramp to allow handicap access to different parts of urban parks. Several of the projects have entered the patent approval phase.

More information on both projects can be found at:

Does your school do something similar?

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