McLean School. Transformational.

Success Starts Here.
If your child is bright—but swimming against the current to learn—McLean School may be a great fit. We serve students with mild to moderate learning differences—including language-based differences, ADHD, or anxiety—who thrive in a kind, student-centered academic and social environment. We also serve traditional learners who simply do better with smaller classes, challenging opportunities, and more individual attention.

At first glance, McLean looks like any traditional K-12 school, and indeed, from arts to athletics, we have all the amenities. But look again, and you’ll see students learning their way. We celebrate individual approaches and styles while encouraging personal growth and providing academic rigor.

Our college counseling and application process is second to none and often cited by parents as a particular strength. Our students have an impressive track record of acceptances into great colleges, but more important, they have a solid record of success in college and beyond. As one parent observed, McLean is a lifelong gift.

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