Project Based Learning: Fifth Grade Greek Fair

During the months of February and March, students worked in grade level small groups to research various aspects of ancient Greek life. Research focused on addressing the question, “How did the ancient Greeks’ way of life compare to our lives today?”

Students gathered information using a variety of text and online resources. When the research phase concluded, students collaborated to design a station or “stop” for our Greek Fair. Students wrote skits, built artifacts, created interactive displays, and prepared presentations. On Fair day, fifth graders greeted lower school students as docents and escorted them to each station where they were taught about each aspect of Greek life. Pre-Kindergarten through fourth grade students were entertained by a play from the Odyssey, met gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus, participated in ancient Olympic events, sailed on a fishing boat and traded fish for goods, met famous philosophers and mathematicians, learned about art and fashion, decorated Greek columns, and voted in an ancient Greek trial.

Does your school do something similar?

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