Hill School student featured in Philadelphia Inquirer for scientific, philanthropic endeavors

A quick glance at Hill School sixth former David Lee’s resume is both impressive and exhausting. David has taken – and excelled in – many of The Hill’s most challenging courses during his four years here, resulting in early acceptance to Brown University. Outside of the classroom, he has extensive science lab experience and currently assisting with anti-cancer research. David additionally is an avid philanthropist, donating his time and fundraising acumen to many efforts on campus, in his native South Korea, and in Tanzania.

David’s story attracted the attention of Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Allison Steele. Ms. Steele recently visited The Hill to speak with David about his scientific and philanthropic endeavors. Her article about David appeared in the Tuesday, April 15 edition of the Inquirer: http://bit.ly/1m5KLCp

David enrolled at The Hill for his third form year, and it did not take him long to embrace all that The Hill offers its students. In addition to excelling academically, David is in the orchestra and has participated in wrestling and track. He enjoys the family culture at The Hill, especially in the dorm. David is a three-year member of The Hill’s Student Philanthropy Council, and his passion for helping others is what David’s academic adviser, Mark Nelson, feels sets David apart from other Hill students.

“David is one of the very best and most promising students I have seen come through The Hill in my more than 30 years of teaching here,” said Nelson. “David consistently ranks among the best in every course he has taken at The Hill. Beyond his noteworthy academic resume, David is a compassionate young man who demonstrates significant interest in helping others, which makes him one of the most impressive students I’ve seen.”

David will enroll in Brown University’s eight-year premed program. Before turning his attention to college, David plans to enjoy his final weeks as a Hill student. We certainly wish him the best of luck.

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