Hawken School Entrepreneurship Program

Hawken School pioneered the teaching of entrepreneurship to high school and middle school students in problem-based courses using the Lean Launch Pad (LLP) methodology. The result? Students developed skills, knowledge and character that prepares them for their world in ways that traditional courses have not.

Hawken’s first-ever 3-credit semester program in entrepreneurship was featured in the March 12 edition of The Huffington Post. Written by noted entrepreneur and academician Steve Blank, the article details the successful methodology and outcomes of the innovative class.

“The Entrepreneurial Studies course serves as a vehicle for the school to realize its mission – Forward-focused preparation for the real world through development of character and intellect,” noted Associate Head of School Doris Korda.

“The 16 seniors who just completed the first Entrepreneurial Studies course told us that it was different from anything they have ever done in school – all the learning was active and all the work was collaborative and team-oriented,” Korda continued. “In evaluations they explained the biggest lessons they learned were often about themselves and how they handled failure, their character and their own strengths and weaknesses.” One senior noted “For the first time I am working because I care. Not just for a grade.”

In his article, Steve Blank posed the question “Can students in K-12 handle an experiential entrepreneurship class?” His answer: “Students are fully immersed in real-world learning during the 12-week Entrepreneurial Studies course.”

Hawken will share their expertise in an Educator’s Workshop for Entrepreneurial Studies, June 16-18, 2014. Visit http://bit.ly/1dluXDa to learn more.

Read the Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-blank/beyond-the-lemonade-stand_b_4948497.html

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