Students Build Parthenon Model Using a 3D Printer

Students in Saint Andrew’s School 7th Grade Latin Class used a Design Cycle Engineering model to investigate ( they did a lot of research and created keynote presentations about Greek architecture and specifically the Parthenon ), plan ( they then had to plan out how the ancient architects built the structure and how they could do it), create (using a program called TinkerCad for creating 3D structures as well as, and evaluate ( created a video of their experience and of them discussing their successes and failures) to build the Parthenon model. The project satisfied the Middle Years Programme criteria of “culture” within the Latin subject guide. We are very proud of our students!

Does your school do something similar?

One thought on “Students Build Parthenon Model Using a 3D Printer

  1. What an incredible educational experience this was for these insatiably eager learners! Having been fortunate enough to observe this lesson, I can attest to its indelibility for each and for all of these middle schoolers. Their synergistic excitement was almost palpable as they motivated one another to take risks in knowledge acquisition! Truly THIS is MEANINGFUL and VALUABLE learning at its finest! We need to ensure more of such innovative problem solving as we prepare students for the challenges of their era and the promise of needing to continue “learning a living” as they pursue careers!

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