Student-Driven iPad Dream becomes iPad Reality at ‘Iolani School

What makes the story of ‘Iolani School’s One-to-One iPad Initiative inspiring is that the idea was completely student driven. In less than a year, the seed that three students planted has grown into an Initiative that puts iPads in the hands of 1,880 students in kindergarten to twelfth grade. In this video, you’ll meet Blake, Molly and Austin who prove that leadership comes from within as they solve age-old problems with innovative thinking and by creatively collaborating with teachers and administrators. After a one semester pilot program with the junior class, ‘Iolani went school-wide with its One-to-One Initiative. The current school year (2013-14) is the inaugural year of the Initiative, yet the ease and engagement these devices bring to learning is contagious! This year, ‘Iolani also opened a new a facility, the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership, modeled after Stanford University’s Design School. The school also instituted the Education Innovation Lab for teachers and students to share and explore new ways of enhancing learning. It’s an exciting time at ‘Iolani School and the future is even brighter.

Does your school do something similar?

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