Mindfulness: A Pathway to Success for Collegiate Students

The Collegiate School’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program helps students develop an increasingly important skill for success in college and beyond.

Schools and colleges across the country have reported a rise in problems related to stress management, so about seven years ago, Collegiate School began offering a two-week-long Freshman Health and Wellness MBSR class for groups of 10-20 students at a time. The reaction was immediate and powerful; students began doing exercises on their own — at home, in class, and as part of their sports activities. “It really opened me up on to how to make the best out of my life,” said one student. Another responded, “When I am taking a test or I am about to go play a game, I will think positive and stop saying things like, ‘I’m going to fail this.’”

Today, MBSR is found in lower school classroom guidance lessons, and fourth graders participate in a popular eight-week-long program. Teachers and students throughout the school practice mindfulness skills together in class; coaches ask for sessions for their athletes; and the Parents’ Association frequently hosts workshops and talks on the subject. Some graduates are continuing their mindfulness practice in college and beyond, demonstrating the life-long benefit of both the program and the school.

Does your school do something similar?

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