Sea Crest School Teaches Real-World Computer Science

Recent research suggests that students, particularly girls, do not have a clear picture of what computer science is or what a computer scientist does. Many view computer science as a career that’s focused on simply fixing or studying computers and are unaware of the positive impact that programming can have on people’s lives. Computers touch every part of modern life, and a creative computer scientist can work in almost any field, help solve problems, and have a tremendous positive impact. Sea Crest School in Half Moon Bay recognizes the need to give students real, hands-on exposure to computer science so that they can explore the many paths that a computer science career might take. The school teaches problem solving and critical thinking through engineering, robotics and programming in order to expose students to the real-life benefits of these important 21st Century disciplines.

Today, Sea Crest students enjoy courses in computer animation, scratch programming, and robotics. As we continue to expand our integrated design, engineering and programming curriculum, we will add more innovative programs that provide students with opportunities to explore the many ways that computer science can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Does your school do something similar?

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  1. This is an amazing program. I wish there was an interactive map / data base that shows which schools have made this an important part of the school day. Is this integrated academics or a separate course?

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