“Crêpes for Cameroon” makes a difference across the globe

When they learned that their international French-speaking pen pals in Central Africa didn’t have the same educational access that they themselves enjoy at Hathaway Brown, students in Rebecca Graham’s French class decided to do something about it.

The girls were so motivated to help in any way they could that they organized a special “Crêpes for Cameroon” bake sale this spring, while they were in seventh grade. The student initiative included advertising, promotion, sales, accounting, and funds disbursement. When all was said and done, they raised $205 USD for their cause. The monies were sent to the Village of Messamena in Cameroon.

Then something amazing happened.

The Parent/Teacher Association in the village was so touched by the HB girls’ efforts that they matched the funds. All of the money was then used to buy all the school supplies necessary for the first 100 students who enrolled in this school year, and who have demonstrated elevated attendance.

These students now will have school supplies for the entire school year, a great privilege in Cameroon. This act of kindness really motivated the community in Messamena to put more effort into their children’s education in hopes for a brighter future as well.

The HB girls came into contact with students in Cameroon through a unique partnership facilitated by Mme. Graham and her brother, Edward Rosenbaum, a Community Health Peace Corps Volunteer stationed there. On September 9, Rosenbaum, Peace Corps Director Jacquelyn Geier Sesonga, and all of the parents and students of the school attended a ceremony to distribute the school supplies. It was a very exciting day for the village.

Does your school do something similar?

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