Manhattan Country School students ask ‘Vote for Me Until I Can’

In 2012, during a final push to encourage voter turnout, Manhattan Country School’s 5- and 6-year-olds asked everyone to “Vote for Me Until I Can.”

“I would like to bring about a change, but I’m too young to play the voting game. Won’t somebody hear my plea and go to the polls and vote for me?” the students sing. “Mommy, daddy, take a stand. Vote for me until I can. Sister, brother, take my hand. Vote for me until I can. College students, woman or man, vote for me until I can.”

The video, filmed in the students’ music class, was taken as part of the Odyssey Initiative, a project led by three educators that seek innovative educational practices across the country in anticipation of launching a school based on those effective models.

Manhattan Country School’s youth, even without the ability yet to vote, are actively engaging in political activism this election year.

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