Student Global Leadership Institute

The Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) at Punahou School convenes youth leaders who tackle global challenges and create positive social change. The Institute engages students in team-based projects that address issues such as the environment, economics, and globalization. It teaches principles of creative problem-solving and cross-cultural communication in addition to collaboration. In 2013, seventy-nine students from eight countries —including the U.S., China, Denmark, England, Japan, Jordan, Singapore, and Sweden—began the program by participating in a two-week summit at Punahou in which they developed social action projects for the cities from which they hail and honed their leadership skills so that they can enact their projects. During the following school year, students will then work in their home communities to implement these projects, collaborating online using an SGLI network to share ideas, support one another, and broaden their perspectives.

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